Giới thiệu – Katong English Club

English Club

   Advance Together Club

369 Tanjong Katong- Singapore

Sponsor Vietdragontravel

Advance Together English Club ( ATEC) started the first show in 2011 until then it has become a vital part of Vietnamese Student in Singapore. It has created a play ground for not only English lovers but the other who really need an environment for their strength  to be exposed.

Located in Tanjong Katong, the club has met demand of not only Vietnamese students but other international ones who are eager for mastering their English.  Why can we make a blast in such a short time? The answer is because of our enthusiastic team members, the useful consulting from our sponsor Vietdragontravel and more support from students in the  Katong.

We include fun activities like games, videos, quizzes and discussions – all free!

The topics to be discussed are very close and useful for members to be applied in real life. The themes can be situations in everyday living activities such as Shopping, Traveling, Transportation or the range can be wider at social issue and economics.  Being a part of  ATEC,  you not only advance your language but  learn more about facts and figures that support your living in Singapore, especially the newcomer.   And of course, while getting new knowledge, we still make great progresses in improving our English.

Active, creative and professional are the words to describe the club, we warmly welcome you to the show and you will be pleased.

English Professional Team !

Ky Nguyen


Mobile: +6590385671

Add: 369 Tanjon Katong , Singapore 437126.


Detail contact in Singapore:

 Mr/ Peter Raffle.

Cell Phone: 0065 8145 6695

Add: 30 Upp Weld, Singapore 207387.


Trụ sở: Số 213 Lạch Tray – Ngô Quyền – TP Hải Phòng.
Tel:  (+84) 313 503 435
Fax: (+84) 313 261223
Hotline: 0946.109.356
Skype: dulichrongviet


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